Before Braces

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What To Know Before Getting Braces

Before Braces

What should you eat before getting braces?
The thing we want to discuss is the day you get your braces on a lot of people ask does it hurt to get braces put on, and the answer is absolutely not, but there is one thing that’s a bit uncomfortable that’s right when you get your braces on we’re going to use something called cheek retractors to stretch out your cheeks so that we can make sure that your teeth stay nice and dry so that the braces can attach to the teeth this doesn’t hurt, but it is a little uncomfortable especially if you have dry lips so make sure to get some chapsticks a few days before putting on your braces to make sure your lips aren’t dry because these cheek retractors don’t hurt but if you can imagine your lips are going to be dry and stretched out so if you have dry lips it’s going to crack and it’s going to lead to things you don’t want.

Top Things to Do Before Getting Braces

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you are likely considering getting braces. 

This can be quite a busy time, so we have listed some of the top things to do before you get braces. These tips will help you feel prepared and ensure you get the best result for yourself and your smile. 

The day you get braces marks the beginning of your journey toward a healthier and more beautiful smile! We’ve put together this checklist of six to-do’s to get you ready for your first couple of days in braces.

Your first day with braces or even your first several days, your teeth will be sensitive. 
Please Call Copperhills Family Dentistry.

Your first day in braces is an exciting one, and we want you to be fully prepared!

What Happens After You Put On Braces

Make sure that your lips are nice and hydrated before getting your braces on. Once the cheek protectors are on you can just lie down there.
A lot of people actually fall asleep when they get their braces on it’s that painless!
You just gotta lay there while we put the brackets and position them on your teeth which moves us onto something pretty similar, and that’s when you get your cheek retractors off you’re gonna feel as though your lips can’t wrap around your braces okay and this is a kind of weird feeling but it’s just because your lips aren’t used to having braces on them yet so where your lips used to be enclosed now there’s a piece of metal or ceramic that’s extending a millimetre or two out so you might feel weird trying to wrap your lips around your teeth this is a little bit strange phenomenon and it’s a weird sensation but it goes away some people get used to it within a day two days some people up to a week but you will get used to it and it’s actually kind of weird because when you get your braces off you’re gonna feel like it’s totally the opposite it’s gonna be like oh my god my teeth are so slimy and it’s a weird sensation because my lips can actually, wrap around my teeth with no problem so it’s something to get used to on the front end as well as on the back end once you get your braces off just something to be aware of but the fact that these things kind of stick away from your teeth they can get caught on your cheeks and on your lips and that can lead to sources that brings me to the third thing that you guys should know about when you get your braces on and that’s to get lots of wax and lots of topical numbing gels for your mouth.
Something you should be aware of is the discomfort of the braces over the first couple of days is also something that might be going on throughout your braces journey, but a little bit more on the front end this is until your cheeks and lips get a little bit more calloused and don’t get caught on the braces so easily the best way to apply this wax is by making sure that your braces are nice and dry; you can do this by using a clean paper towel to dry off the braces rolling a piece of wax into a ball and sticking it onto the dry brace.

What To Know Before Getting Braces

How To Use Wax For Braces

A lot of people say well the wax doesn’t stay on my teeth and most of the time that happens because you’re just rolling up the wax and sticking it on the tooth, and if it’s wet it won’t bind onto the bracket that easily so make sure your teeth and braces are nice and dry before putting the wax on the tooth.
It’ll work just great the wax should be used on any hooks or pokey wires that you have in your mouth until your cheeks and lips get used to it okay for about the first week when you get your braces adjusted your teeth are going to feel a little bit tender a lot of people call this the braces pain but we like to call it more of like tenderness or a bruised feeling and this is when your teeth start moving the way braces work and it creates inflammation around the tooth’s root which allows for the bone to be remodelled and your teeth can be moved through the bone but since there’s this inflammation it’s kind of like a feeling of your teeth being bruised it makes it kind of hard to bite into things kind of chew on things so there’s a little bit of braces discomfort that happens at your first visit as well as every adjustment moving forward so what we recommend all our patients do before they come in for their visit have a full meal this will make it so that you don’t experience that discomfort that comes with the braces tightening and you’re not gonna be hungry for a couple of hours so you’re not gonna really have to use your teeth to chew or anything like that most of the discomfort happens in the first couple of hours the first day or two but then after that, your teeth will feel a lot better and every adjustment just gets easier moving forward so along with the cheek and lip discomfort you’re gonna have a little bit of dental discomfort for a couple of days but that should subside over time.

Dental Braces


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Foods You Can and Shouldn't Eat If You Have Braces

The last thing that you should know about before getting your braces on is to go and enjoy all the foods that you’re not going to be allowed to eat throughout your braces journey, okay these are foods that are sticky hard crunchy or chewy things that can basically break the braces off of your teeth or bind onto your braces and make it so, you have an increased risk of cavities so, this is things like biting into apple chips that are hard or crunchy certain candies but you want to be aware that when you get your braces on you’re going to have a little bit of a limited diet and this is to help you out again with the hygiene and the diet these are things to minimize your risk of cavities bracket breakages and basically make it so that your braces journey goes as smoothly as possible.
You don’t want to be in braces forever so please follow your orthodontist’s instructions as well as some of the stuff that you learned in this article to make it so that your process is as smooth as possible
these are not all the things that you should know before getting braces on so feel free to check out our other articles on our website.

What To Know Before Getting Braces


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