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We’re a friendly and welcoming group of dental health care professionals who pride themselves on providing professional routine and emergency dental care to you and your family.

CopperHills dental is very pleased to be able to provide services in English, Polish, Portuguese, Farsi, Cantonese, and Ukrainian in our office.

We offer televisions in the operatory for the enjoyment of our patients undergoing dental and orthodontic treatment.

We also have a play area in the reception room for the children, as well as free parking on our lot.

CopperHills Family Dentistry Proudly Offer All of the Following Payment Options to our Patients:

  • Debit
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  • Cash
  • Direct Billing For Most Insurance Providers

A dental emergency is when you have a toothache that does not improve with regular painkillers, and you have lost the ability to work and perform daily activities.

You need to receive emergency services and it is better to contact the dental team Copperhills family dentistry that is ready to provide emergency services.

About Dentist In Newmarket

One of the most effective ways to have a better relationship with others is to smile. Healthy and clean teeth have a great effect on a beautiful smile.
Furthermore, tooth health also plays a part in how we speak and breathe, which is why dental health and beauty have special importance.

Copperhills Family Dentistry Clinic offers dental services including Dental Implant, Laminate, Composite, Orthodontic, Root Cure, Maxillofacial Surgery, Gum Therapy, and Negative, Pediatric Dentistry etc… in Newmarket.

This clinic provides dental services, by taking advantage of the best dental facilities in the world with the assistance of experienced dental professionals in Newmarket, Ontario.

Providing all specialized dental services in the Newmarket, with orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, implants, and dental denervation.
Same Day Appointments. Call Today. Emergencies Welcome. New Patients Welcome.

Types of Tooth Pain

A painful toothache is usually an indication of advanced decay that has traveled to the inner, sensitive area of the tooth.

Bleeding Gums Treatment

If you have a severe laceration that causes bleeding for more than 10 minutes, you should immediately head to a local emergency room to seek treatment.

Broken or Dislocated Jaw

If you have acute jaw pain from a blow to the face or a hard fall, then there is a chance that your jaw is broken.
If this is the case, it’s a time-sensitive matter that requires a trip to the emergency room.

Why are these colours on toothpaste packaging?

Chronic Headache Causes

A problem that often goes untreated is bruxism (teeth grinding). If you’re constantly under stress, then you may unknowingly do this.
Over time, it can wear down your enamel, cause jaw issues and also lead to intense headaches.


What warning signs do you need to see a dental emergency?

Sudden swelling of the face or teeth, usually accompanied by pain, should be taken seriously.

When you have pain and a feeling of pressure on your teeth while eating.


Sometimes the toothache progresses in such a way that the patient is not able to target the pain accurately.

Come and enjoy our top-rated dentistry at Copperhills Family Dentistry in Newmarket.
We take pride in providing gold-plated service in a comfortable, compassionate environment in Newmarket. We provide affordable dentistry without compromising quality.

Our services range from simple fillings to the most complicated dental procedures such as Implants, Cosmetic veneers, Root canal treatment and restorative dentistry.

If you are in an emergency situation and have no access to a dentist in Newmarket and Aurora, then you may want to call us early in the morning so we can find a suitable appointment and fit you with the first available appointment possible the very same day.

Our numbers are (905) 235 – 2222 and (905) 235 – 6666.

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