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Tooth Extractions

Fracture of the tooth with damage to the jaw

In cases where the jawbone is damaged at the same time as the tooth is broken and it is not possible to restore the extracted tooth. The dentist recommends pulling a broken tooth to prevent tooth infection.

Dental pulp necrosis

Teeth that have become irreversible due to infection of nerve tissue or pulpitis or have dead nerve tissue or necrotic pulp, and it is not possible to perform denervation and endodontic treatment. These teeth are extracted.

Chronic gum disease

Gum disease is common in areas where health is poor. These people suffer from gum damage to such an extent that the tooth can no longer be repaired and the dentist has to extract the tooth.

For orthodontics

Patients with small jaws and large teeth often experience crowded and irregular teeth. Some patients also have extra teeth. An orthodontist recommends tooth extraction for this group of patients.

Impacted teeth

Teeth that are not fully grown and have not come out of the jaw. If it is not possible to show them or it is not necessary to show them, they will be taken to an orthodontist. Like a wisdom tooth.

Procedure of Tooth Extractions

Teeth that have a very high infection in the gingival tissues and have dead nerve tissues and even the root canal treatment of the patient is not available.

They should be pulled out to prevent infection when the jaw is severely broken and the teeth are severely damaged.

The gums become diseased and cause the bones and teeth to become loose, in which case they must be pulled out because they are loose.

Teeth with pathological lesions should be extracted according to the expert’s opinion.

Another reason is the extraction of orthodontic teeth, which due to excessive irregularity, the teeth are removed from the mouth according to the dentist.

Teeth that prevent the use of prosthetic devices, veneers or partitions and interfere with prosthetic treatment

Tooth Extractions

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