Braces colours

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What Braces Colors Are The Best?

Braces Colours

Braces colours refer to the different colours of ligatures (elastic bands) available to attach the archwire to the bracket.
Ligatures are replaced at appointments, and many children and teens like to choose brightly coloured elastic bands.
We have a few dozen colours, including pastels, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark colours.

The most exciting part about getting your braces is having a beautiful smile after you are done with your treatment.
But there are still a lot of other parts along the way.
One topic that our patients always ask about is choosing colours for their braces.
Having the option to personalize your braces can make your treatment much more stylish!
In this article, we will help you choose the best colours for your braces.

What Braces colours Are Good Options For You to Choose?

A safe bet that will always look good is to go with a darker colour such as dark blue.
This is because darker colours will make your teeth look brighter compared to the ties.
If you have naturally darker teeth, then a good option is to go with a clear or silver colour.
This will really help brighten up your smile.
Don’t forget that you can combine colours!
Combining colours gives you endless possibilities.
When combining colours you can pick options based on themes.
Popular theme ideas include holidays or your favourite sports team.
You can get orange and black for Halloween or red and white for valentines day.

What To Do When You Can’t Pick a Color?

These are all great tips but remember that the most important thing is to choose the colors you want.

If you can’t decide on a colour, you can’t go wrong with picking your favourite colour.

Even if a colour you want wasn’t recommended, pick it anyways!

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Braces Colours

How to choose the best Braces colours?

Earlier the patients used to pick the selected braces colour for the bands such as blue, white, pink, or black.
But in today’s world, many colour combos are accessible for you to select from, and this is a good chance for the local orthodontist near me which has a braces colour wheel containing the different shades of colours you can choose from.
The most wanted and famous shades are blue, black, and maroon for adults and bright-coloured bands for teens.
Further, let’s discuss them one by one in detail. 

How are braces colours changed?

The plastic modules that secure the archwire to the individual tooth brackets – also known as ligatures or o-rings – can be changed to allow the wire to be changed or tightened.

There are a wide variety of possible colours to choose from. However, more subtle options are available.
Your orthodontist will ask which colour bands you would like at each appointment – and that’s where you can get creative.


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How your orthodontist can help

If you’re unsure about the best colour to complement the appearance of your teeth, your orthodontist can help you to decide.
They often have samples available that you can choose from and hold up against your teeth, or they may apply a few and let you confirm you’re happy with the colour choice before your continue.
Check with them on the best way to decide.
The ability to choose the colours of their braces is a fun and exciting way for teens to take ownership of their orthodontic treatment and feel empowered by their decisions.

Braces Colours
Braces Colours

What Are Fun Braces Colours for Kids?

It’s not uncommon for kids not to be really excited about having plain silver braces on their teeth for an extended period, but now kids have more options than ever for making their braces fun and stylish

resulting in a better treatment experience from start to finish. one of those fun options is colour braces.
What are colour braces?
When you spot a kid with a set of braces you’ll notice a few pieces make up this quintessential orthodontic appliance one essential piece is the ligatures.

What Are Ligatures?

Ligatures are tiny elastic bands that hold the brackets and wires together and help create the pressure needed for orthodontic movement.
Most often these ligatures have a rather plain colour which is typically meant to blend in with the tone of the teeth.
This colour does have its advantages for many adults who choose to get braces; this colour can help their braces look a little less obvious however young
patients don’t have to settle for this boring colour in fact there are tons of colours available allowing kids to have fun with their braces instead of simply seeing their treatment time as a boring chore.

Braces Colours

What Are The Best Braces Colours for Kids?

Since ligatures often get replaced during treatment with braces, your kids can have fun with all kinds of colour combinations and mix them up however they want to.

here are some cool ideas for your kids to consider sports team colours whether your kids want to represent local professional teams or they want to support their school colours there are endless possibilities for

showing the ultimate team spirit with colour braces.

holiday colours when the winter season rolls around your kids can get in the holiday spirit by wearing classic red and green or going with a wintry blue and white combination. 

Spooky Halloween Colors

 Is your child looking for the perfect way to complete their Halloween costume when the month of October arrives?
They can add ghoulish green ligatures for a spooky costume or opt for yellow and orange bands to get in the harvest spirit.

Some Other Braces Colours Ideas

What’s more fun than watching fireworks on the 4th of July?
How about showing off a smile with red white and blue bands while enjoying the festivities your child can have fun with their smile no matter the season.
When they choose colour bands for their braces

other fun braces options experimenting with stylish colours isn’t the only way kids can have fun with their braces there are fun bracket shapes your kids can explore by checking out wild smiles registered braces available bracket shapes in this fun collection include sports balls hearts diamonds stars and even Disney themed shapes your kids can also mix and match different brackets and add coloured bands to complete their unique look.

Dental Braces Colours

What Are Elastic Ties?

An elastic tie is a type of ligature tie that fits around your bracket.  

With some braces, this elastic tie is used to hold the archwire.

These ties are made of rubber and come in a variety of colours.

You will have the option to change these colours  

every time you come in for an adjustment appointment

So what colours should you choose!?

What Colors Should You Avoid?

Let’s start with what colours you should avoid.

It is best to avoid yellow and brown because these colours will make your teeth look stained and unclean.

You might think choosing white ties would make your teeth whiter, but they will make them look less white.

This is because when you put a bright white tie on top of your teeth, your teeth will look more yellow by comparison.

Another colour that would be good to avoid is dark green, this is because it can look like you have food stuck in your braces.

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