Root Canal Therapy in Newmarket

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment begins with the standard drill to access the inside of the tooth, and slower speed round drills can then be used to remove decay and expose the canals. Tiny files are then used to remove the contents of these canals. The manual root canal treatment method involves increasing file sizes that gently clean and shape these canals.
A tooth may have one or more canals. The manual treatment method of filling the canals involves checking the cone size and placing rubber cones covered with a liquid sealer into the canals. Once enough cones have been placed, spreading instruments can then be used to compact the cones even further. After the canal is tightly sealed, the excess rubber cones can be removed with a heated tool.
The heated instrument can also heat and compact the cones to fill the canal space better. One or more posts may be placed to strengthen the tooth and retain the filling for optimum treatment. In this case, a cursed lake resin is used to fill the space. It’s soft when placed in the tooth and hardened with a bright light.
At this point, the tooth is still weakened and can break with heavy biting. The best treatment usually involves preparing the tooth and covering it with a full crown, sometimes called a cap. Any pathology at the tip of the root should disappear with time, and the tooth will be saved.

What are the symptoms of endodontic treatment?

There are two categories of signs that a tooth needs root canal treatment

1- When the infection is limited to the root canals:

  • Persistent pain, especially nocturnal pain, increases at night because the blood pressure inside the dental pulp is higher during sleep.
  • Spontaneous pain and pulsating pain
  • Irritant pain occurs after consuming hot and cold foods and beverages.

2- When the infection has spread to the tissues around the tooth in addition to the root canal:

  • Purulent discharge from damaged teeth
  • Abscess or swelling inside or outside the mouth
Root Canal Therapy

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