Ontario Disability Support Program ODSP

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Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Ontario Disability Support Program Odsp Ontario

The ODSP Ontario (Ontario Disability Support Program) is social assistance provided by the government of Ontario to eligible people with disabilities and their families (the benefit unit).

You and your spouse/partner, dependent children and dependent adult children who are living with you are called the “benefit unit.” To be eligible for ODSP:

everyone in your benefit unit must reside in Ontario and be financially eligible for ODSP (students away at school may still be part of the benefit unit);
you and everyone in your benefit unit must give ODSP the required information, including names, birth dates, identification, as well as expense, debt, income and asset information, etc.

You must show ODSP that you have a disability or disabilities that meet the ODSP definition of disability.

Understanding how to qualify and then apply for the Ontario Disability Support Program is a great first step.

However, once you have successfully qualified for this support, it is also very important to understand how the program works and what the restrictions are so that you will continue to receive the benefits if needed.

ODSP Coverage

If you have dependants of 18 years or older, they may be able to use ODSP coverage dental discretionary benefits.

  1. Income support – Financial assistance is provided each month to help with the costs of basic needs, like food, clothing and shelter. Income support also includes drug and dental benefits.
  2. Employment supports – Services and supports to help people with disabilities find and keep a job and advance their careers.

ODSP income support benefits

Disability income support benefits can include money for:

  • basic needs
  • shelter costs
  • special diet allowance
  • remote communities allowance (if applicable)

Benefits can also include the following:

  • prescription drug coverage
  • dental benefits for ODSP recipients and their spouses/partners (children under 18 receive dental care through Healthy Smiles Ontario).
  • health benefits (vision, hearing and other)
  • diabetic and other medical supplies (may be provided directly)
  • travel costs related to medical care
  • guide/service dog benefit
  • work-related expenses, etc.


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Who qualifies for ODSP Ontario?

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Live in Ontario
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, a refugee claimant or a convention refugee
  • have a physical or mental health disability, expected to last one year or longer, that substantially limits your ability to work, look after yourself or carry out daily activities.


Income Support Benefits

Ontario Disability Support Program income support benefits can include money for:

  • basic needs
  • shelter costs
  • special diet allowance
  • remote communities allowance (if applicable)
Ontario Disability Support Program Odsp Ontario

Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be 16 years old or older
  • Live in Ontario
  • Be able to work in Canada
  • Have a disability that is expected to last one year or more
  • Have a disability that makes it difficult to find or keep a job

You are not eligible if you are:

  • Eligible for or are getting disability benefits from other public or private sources
  • Getting Ontario Works

What will dental services be covered under this program?

Dental services covered under this program will include the following:

  • Examinations/assessments
  • Preventive services (e.g., cleanings)
  • Restorative services to repair broken teeth and cavities (e.g., crowns)
  • X-rays
  • Oral surgery services to remove teeth or abnormal tissue
  • Anesthesia
  • Endodontic services to treat infection and pain (e.g., root canals

Periodontal services to treat gum conditions and diseases.
Prosthodontic services, including dentures, will be partially covered. 

OW and ODSP programs provide people with a limited amount of money to help them pay for needed living expenses such as food and housing.

Some people can get more money to pay for special diets and medical trips.

Various documents must be shown, To use OW and ODSP to determine if you qualify for these benefits.

If you want to apply directly, contact Service Ontario and provide them with your postal code to the nearest address. Provide you with an office:

Freephone: 800-267-8097 or teletype: 800-268-7095

Toronto: 416-326-1234 or 416-325-3408

Go to the Site www.ontario.ca/socialassistance and search on Ontario Works. You may be able to submit your application online.



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