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Dental Solutions for Crowded Teeth, Overbite, Spaced Teeth


An overbite, also called buck teeth, is a misalignment of the teeth. We will write about how we treat the most common problems that we see in the office, and what better place to start than with crowding? By far, the most common problem we see every time we see a crowded case is we have to ask ourselves how are we going to make enough space for these teeth to fit into the arch. There are four main ways to create space.

  • First expansion – expansion is just like the word indicates. It’s a matter of expanding the jaws to create space to allow the teeth to fit in. You must be careful about matching the jaws together, so it’s not like you can over-expand the upper knot to reach the bottom. That’s always an essential part. Everything has to match up.
  • Secondly, we can reshape the teeth. What we mean by reshaping is basically in between where the teeth contact. We lightly reshape anywhere from zero point two to zero point four millimetres to create enough space for unravelling the crowding. It’s imperative to note all the amounts of reshaping that we do are based on research. Even then, we stay about 10 to 15 percent less to give us a safety buffer zone, so we don’t create issues like sensitivity.
  • Thirdly what we can do is we can create space by pushing teeth apart. There are many different appliances that we can use to do that, but the point is in between teeth. We create space to allow other teeth to settle in that space, and lastly, extraction.
    Nobody looks forward to having a tooth removed, but sometimes it’s essential, depending on how severe the cases are. The more the crowding, the more likely, the chance that you may have to have teeth removed, and it’s a pretty standard treatment in Copperhills Family Dentistry. We probably do it anywhere from ten to twenty percent of the time. Overall, with crowding, the most critical point that we want to consider is to put teeth in the proper place in the bone so that they are healthy and stable for the long-term, and we don’t want to create an issue where we’re overstuffing things together because that compromises the gums as well. So, we want to give you a stable Result that looks good and is healthy for the rest of your life.

Spaced Teeth

As the name indicates, spacing is the exact opposite of crowding, where space exists between teeth. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know why spacing exists. For example, some people have tiny teeth in those cases in addition to doing braces or Invisalign to close the space. We may have to involve the general dentist to do some bonding on the teeth to give them the shape and size they should have if they are missing. It’s essential to decide if we can close the space of the missing tooth or if we have to replace it. Again, replacing the tooth will involve your general dentists to determine the best option for you, whether it be a dental implant, a bridge, or a film.

Overbite / Overjet

We’re going to talk about Overbite. overbite is the second most common problem that patients or parents complain of. Overbite is technically known as overjet. For this discussion, let’s use the term overjet(overbite). Overjet is defined as an overlap of upper teeth beyond the Lord. There are two main components to this problem. A dental problem which means teeth, and a skeletal problem which means the jaws now, part of this overjet is due to the jaw, the lower jaw is further back than the upper jaw, and a part of this problem could be due to the upper teeth being too far out. It is essential to determine which one to come up with the best treatment plan possible. It’s important to note that whenever you’re correcting overjet, there are usually facial aesthetic considerations as well. So, you want to ensure you know which one is the cause before trying to correct the problem. So, other treatment considerations and overjet, it’s more important to evaluate the overall facial aesthetics. You wouldn’t want to push the upper teeth too far back, and you do not wish to make the lower jaw too far forward. So, the ideal balance will be critical to achieving not only the teeth and the stability of the jaws but also facial aesthetics. The most crucial factor in treating overjet is coming up with a proper diagnosis. Once the right gnosis is made, the right treatment plan can be made to give you the best dental and facial aesthetic results, as is always the goal.


Copperhills Family Dentistry specialists provide specialized dental services that help our patients cultivate healthy and happy smiles. We’re happy to provide compassionate care coupled with cutting-edge technology.


Affecting both baby and adult teeth, crooked teeth can occur at any age, and there are lots of different causes, including the following:

  • Crowding due to insufficient space to accommodate the teeth
  • Hereditary reasons and genetics
  • Different patterns of facial development and jaw growth
  • Trauma to the mouth
  • Tooth decay and tooth loss
  • Habits such as thumb sucking or sucking on a pacifier
  • Gum disease
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Oral health problems
  • Poor nutrition
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth can not only cause problems with your bite and jaw function but can also interfere with chewing and affect the appearance of your smile, self-esteem and confidence. It can also be more challenging to clean your teeth well when they are very uneven or have overlapping teeth.

The appearance of crooked teeth can be a problem for some people too. If you are nervous about visiting a dentist but want to fix your crooked teeth, we offer specialist services in Newmarket – get in touch to learn more.


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